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Video:: Tithing shouldn’t be forced on Church members – Pastor Sonnie Badu

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Ghanaian US-based pastor and musician, Dr. Sonnie Badu, has put a spin on the endless debate on if it’s by…

Ghanaian US-based pastor and musician, Dr. Sonnie Badu, has put a spin on the endless debate on if it’s by force for Christians to pay tithe or not.

The debate has become rife once again in these times of COVID-19 where a lot of people have been laid off from their works. People have argued that Pastors must at least excuse their congregants from paying 10% of their earnings because things have become ‘tight’.

Well, responding to all these back and forth arguments in an interview on Celebrities Buzz TVDr. Sonnie said he thinks tithing shouldn’t be a burden placed on church members. He noted that it must be done by members willingly instead of been forced on them.

“You can tithe based on your understanding. If you don’t understand it, don’t do it. It is not cut-throat mandatory. If you don’t understand it, you don’t have to do it. If I choose to give God my 10%… that is my understanding and nothing should change it. It shouldn’t be your business.”

“However, it should not be forced from my hands too, it should be done willingly from the heart…based on my understanding.

Dr. Sonnie also stressed on the fact that church leaders should teach their members the essence of tithing instead of trying to make it like a burden which must be fulfilled at all cost.

He said:

“So teach me to understand the essence of tithing and let me see what my tithe is doing in the life of the church. God will not descend to take money. Offering and tithe go to build and help the church, helps the needy, helps the poor. So if you’re tithing in the church and you’re not seeing people’s life been changed, then think twice. But if you’re in the church and you’re seeing that everything you’re giving is going to support the church, pay bills, then, by all means, help, and support because you need the Pastor to focus more spirituality.”

“But if the pastor is going to work and coming back, he can’t focus on praying for you 100%. So you ease his stress and pain because nothing is for free. The instrumentalists, you gotta pay them, the bandsmen you gotta pay them, the musicians you gotta pay them… so if you want pastor to go and work, and come and pay people with his own pocket money, then you’re not supporting him.”

“However, it’s being abused by most or some churches and that’s why people are getting aggravated. Because you’d see at certain churches, it’s just the pastor and his kids who are prospering and people are people for bread and if you don’t pay tithe and offering, you’ll be insulted, you’ll be disrespected, you’ll be disgraced, no no no. It’s not biblical.”

“It should be done from the heart, it should be done willingly when you give cheerfully, you receive the blessings but it is not cut-throat”

The leader of the Rock Hill Church, however, pointed out that he’s not saying ‘paying tithe is not compulsory‘, but ‘it should be done based on your understanding“.

“So it’s the job of the Pastor to take time to teach on what tithing and offering is and also show what it is been done with”, he said.

Dr. Sonnie also said that apart from teaching the Church members on tithing, the Pastor should also take it upon himself to teach the congregation how to build their businesses. If possible, invest in the businesses as well. So that when the members become successful, they can be willing enough to bring their tithe.

He noted that he personally packages the businesses of some of his members. So why won’t they be happy to bless the church with their tithe and offering?

Watch the video below: