Nigerians guys str¡p two South African women n ^k£d for stealing Rolex watch and bracelet

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    Some men from Nigeria based in Parkland South America have embarrassed two SA women, this time taking a video in their apartments.

    The women are accused of stealing Rolex watch from the Nigerians.

    The uncovered women begged that they shouldn’t take their pictures, but the Nigerians turned deaf ears.

    Hey shut up, where my Rolex watch is, “says one of the guys.

    Do not take a photo, “one of the women screams as her video is taken. Also, another man says,

    “Didn’t I beg you? “The other woman replied, You did. The two girls are being heard denying having the watch stolen.

    The incident occurred as campaigns against Gender Based Violence (GBV) intensify the killing and injury to women in South Africa, especially during the lock-down.

    Some South Africans reacted to the videos : “This is the worst form of dehumanizing a person. What did South African black women do to deserve this? The foreigners are literally peeing on South Africa’s Constution.

    @SAPoliceService please do something to save SA women from this humiliation. Find these criminals”

    Due to the nature of the video, we cannot show it here but you can view and download here