I am HIV positive & i have been infecting men – Lady confesses as she urge men to get tested

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    A University girl, simply identified as Akunava has allegedly infected young men with the deadly viral disease, HIV.

    Tales of scorned men and women in Kenya going out of their way to revenge has been on the rise.

    The revenge ranges from harming the culprits, burning their clothes or destroying their electronics or vehicles sin a fit of rage.

    In a recent case, a woman who was hurt for some reason, decided to spread his revenge to other unsuspecting men.

    She went sleeping around with over men in a bid to revenge her past. She not only had unprotected s* with the men but also infected them with HIV/AIDs.

    According to the information by a whatsapp user who saved her number as Akunava the first, she has urged men to get tested after realizing she is HIV positive.

    In her status post,the lady also added that she has been bitter for many months and it was her time to divulge her HIV status after infecting men who have in the past slept with her.

    It’s time I come clean, I was bitter for many months but I can’t do this anymore. I am HIV Positive and have been infecting men. I’m sorry,forgive me, get tested if I Have”Hanyad”You,” Posted The lady

    Sources indicate that Akunava is a third year student at University of Nairobi Kikuyu Campus.

    Akunava joins the long list of university students who have come out to divulge his HIV status.

    Reports by the recent remarks by the Ministry of health, University was listed among the places youth engage in s3xual activities without precautions that has led to the spread of the virus.

    As the world marked the International Condoms Day a few months ago, it emerged that there was fake studded condoms in circulation.

    It’s unfortunate that some individuals are eroding efforts made as a country in distribution of high quality condoms,” PS Kenya said in a statement.