Social Media on ‘rampage’ over Wontumi’s vocabulary- WATCH

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    The Ashanti Regional NPP Chairman has taken over Twitter trends for his usual funny style of speaking the English language.
    Despite his wealth and power, Mr. Benard Antwi-Boisiako is popularly known as “Chairman Wontumi” has proven a number of times that addressing matters in the Queen’s language is a huge challenge to him.

    This comes in reaction to his appearance on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana where he was asked by the host, Paul Adom Otchere, to address some topical issues.

    The politician failed in some attempts to properly construct some sentences and this has got social media talking.

    Meanwhile, some social media users found it hilarious, the manner in which he carves his own terminologies and the way he voices them out.

    “The people at Cambridge Dictionary should be informed about Chairman Wontumi’s rare talent,” a Twitter user reacted.

    “Chairman Wontumi dey speak the real Heblews!” Another wrote.

    “Chairman Wontumi would be president of this nation before John Mahama would have the chance to rule this nation again,” said another

    But the mockery or buzz does not in any way stop him from speaking his mind as he always says;

    “I chose to do the donkey work so that my money will speak English for me.”