Woman who divorced husband after just 6 months of marriage narrates how it all happened

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    Woman who divorced husband after just 6 months of marriage narrates how it all happened
    A marriage that lasted for just six months happens to have all the problems in the world. This is how come Gladys Kagendo tells her divorce story and cautions women and men to look before they leap.

    According to the 29-year-old woman, she saw all the red flags when she was courting this man but was blinded by love and did not accept the reality.

    In an exclusive interview, she tells her story of how she used to forgive her cheating boyfriend only for her to get married to him and find out that what he used to see was just a tip of the iceberg.

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    “We dated for five years and in 2017, he proposed marriage. We wedded on July 8, 2017, and on that day, I got a chance to be carried by the only Range Rover in Embu. We spent close to KSh 500,000 and at the time I was eight months pregnant. This is when I stopped watching Afrosinema after shooting my own.

    On our wedding day, he showed up late. After reciting our vows, we went to our seats and the entire time he was on his phone chatting. When we went for the bridal photo shoot, he would not concentrate and I asked our best couple to take me home. They confiscated his phone and while at it, I knew I was done.I had hacked his phone. You know all those apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. He would be seated on his seat chatting and I would also read all the messages from my phone. I could not reply because I did not want to be caught. I advise women to never hack their partners’ phones unless they have shock absorbers on.”

    Marriage is not a child’s play and per the story of Miss Kagendo, it is better to wait longer and marry the right person than to be oblivious to all realities and rush into it. It is a long journey and it is always great to embark on that journey with someone who is ready.

    This is no perfect marriage, but there are certainly great and good marriages.