Tracey Boakye bodly ‘reveals’ the name of ‘Papa No’ in latest bedroom video [Watch]

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    Kumawood actress, Tracey Boakye, songstress Mzbel and actress Kani Gloria are still making waves on the web because of the phrase ‘papa no.

    The phrase ‘papa no’ has become popular on social media after actress Tracey Boakye used it repeatedly to describe a married man she claims she and musician Mzbel are in the same relationship with.

    Some people have alleged that former President Mahama is the supposed ‘Sugar Daddy’ that Mzbel and Tracey Boakye are fighting over.

    This rumour was further deepened when Gloria Kani claimed that Tracey Boakye is blackmailing the former president.

    According to Gloria, all the threats and blackmail Tracey is heaping on John Mahama will not yield any results, and that she will personally lead the family of JM to come after Tracey Boakye.

    “I don’t have time for you but I am telling you that you threatening John Mahama will not yield any results. The way you are blackmailing JM will get you nowhere. The man will free from your trap. The man, he will be free from your trap,” she said in her live video.

    Breaking her silence on the matter, Tracey Boakye took to his Instagram page to detail who exactly Papa no is…

    “Npanifoɔ see kakum yɛ gye no kwakuo anum”…so Watch the video below and make your own conclusion: