Video: Akua Lolo Drops Shocking Bomb On A Plus For Attacking Information Minister, Says His Wife Is Dead Broke & Begging For Money

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    Recall that we reported on Kwame A Plus unleashing his wrath on the Information minister for disrespecting the minority in parliament.

    A-Plus took to his Facebook page and vented out his anger on the Information Minister saying;

    After chopping a presidential advisor’s wife and breaking his home you have the guts to talk about “Papa no.” Presidential material my foot. You drink more than Papa no.

    You chop girls more than papa no. When it comes to morals we are all not clean. If he is “Papa no” you are also “abrantiɛ no!!!” You used to come to my house with pono on a pen drive to watch on a projector because you want to see everything clear like Kofi TV.

    Today you are acting like a Saint just to deceive the people. Fake life nkoaaa. I hate it when men act clean and talk about another man’s promiscuityMe, after I post, I won’t come and read comment!!! I’m gone!!! You can fight with your phone.

    In the latest video that has been sighted by our outfit, a Facebook user name Akua Lolo could be seen descending heavily on A Plus for attacking the Information Minister. Akua Lolo in the video could be seen calling A Plus an ass kisser and even suggesting that his music career is dead. She also advised A Plus to rather concentrate on his marriage because his wife is overseas and dead broke begging for alms.

    Check out the video below;