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I started ‘hustling’ at age 23 – Gender Minister reveals as she inspires entrepreneurs

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Gender Minister, Cynthia Mamle Morrison, has noted that before she veered into politics, she was an entrepreneur making ends meet for herself at the age of 23.

She encouraged young women women who have decided to venture into start-up businesses to stay focus as that is the only way for their businesses to grow.

During the launch of Young Women Entrepreneurship Initiative in Accra on Wednesday, August 19, 2020, the minister highlighted that “I started working on my own at the age of 23. I never worked for anybody. I worked for myself. My first job is to be a member of parliament so I didn’t even know when to go for my pay cheque whatever. They’ll be discussing it for like two-three months, I hadn’t even checked whether my money was in my account but I did very well before I went into politics.”

Cynthia Morrison added that working for one’s self is a very good thing to do as the individual gets the chance to exhibit both their capabilities and skills at work.

Comparing entrepreneurship to other corporate organization jobs, she indicated that, employees in the banks and other corporate institutions could get fired at any time whilst the entrepreneur is still at post making money.

“I have to encourage you to let you know that you have chosen the right profession for yourself. If you work in the bank, you work in the oil industry, it’s good but you can be fired at any time but when you work on your own, nobody can fire you and it is a skill that nobody can take away from you”.

Some women present at the launch of the initiative included women in ICT, fashion and beauty, agribusiness, trade and commerce and services.





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