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‘Free booze frenzy’ on Accra-Tema motorway as beer truck accident reportedly claims one life | VIDEO

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There was a free booze frenzy on the Accra-Tema motorway on Thursday dawn following a road accident which involved a truck which was transporting beer.

The accident reportedly resulted in the death of one person, a driver’s assistant [mate], who was reportedly run over by another vehicle at the accident scene.

According to some eyewitnesses, the deceased was trying to chock the wheels of one the accident vehicles when another vehicle run over him.

What happened

The truck carrying the beer was reportedly trying to overtake another vehicle but veered off the road as a result of the dawn rainfall which had made the road slippery, according to some eyewitnesses.

The accident, reportedly happened at dawn whilst it was drizzling and therefore the road was slippery.

After the first accident, the truck blocked the road and so other vehicles also reportedly run into it according to the eyewitnesses.

The deceased, was reportedly in one of vehicles which run into the truck and whilst the driver’s assistant was trying to chock the wheels from further accidental movement, another vehicle, which was unable to stop as a result of the slippery road run over him in the process.

The eyewitness said he was unconscious when he was removed and was taken to the hospital.

The police is yet to confirm the death.

The accident, which happened close to the toll booth at the Accra-Tema section of the motorway created a vehicular traffic on the Accra-Tema section and even extended to the Tetteh Quashie area.

Meanwhile, some of the rescuers who volunteered to assist and rushed to the scene could not help but to treat themselves to the beer that fell off the accident truck.

Once it was not costing them anything, the locals, male and female treated themselves to several bottles of beer in the early morning incident.

In a television interview with UTV [Watch videos attached below], one of them said, he had drunk more than 10 bottles whilst another said he was on his 15th bottle.