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Okada Riders Should be Trained and Licenced if it should be Legalize  –Moshie Chief


The Serikin for the Moshie community, Abeka, Chief Alhaji Sulley Issah Oubda said the legalization of commercial motorcycle riders is a laudable initiative, therefore urges government to train and Licenced the Rider.

He further stated that this legalization will create more job opportunity for the youths to reduce unemployment in the country.

“The legalization of the Okada business will create employment for the youths, especially illiterates, and it will also reduce crime rate in Ghana”, he stated.

“Some say Okada is used for criminal activities in the country but If proper training is being given to the riders, and they are also Licenced, all those activities will be reduced as well as an accident too in the country. When licenced I believe they will adhere to road safety rules and regulations. I urge that we look at the employment it has created for our youth and legalised it”, Chief said.

On the December 7, general election, Chief Alhaji Suell Issah Oubda, side the opportunity to urge the youth not to sized with any political party and denounced any politician that will pay them to involve in any criminal activities for their political gains.