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Actors And Actresses Must Be Put On Payroll In Ghana – Lil Win

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Chief Executive Officer of Wezzy Empire, Kwodwo Nkansah best identified in the showbiz as Lil Win has noted that every actor must be paid monthly by the government.

According to the actor turned singer in an interview with Mona Gucci on Kantanka TV monitored by TheNewsGh.Com, the work of actors and actresses is equal to that of teachers and nurses.

To him, the role actors and actresses play in Ghana is worthy enough to attract salary from the government every month. He said that if you visit hospitals, actors and actresses via acting make patients laugh alot which help them release stress and others via the laughing gets healed from their sickness.

” Actors are playing important role in Ghana. Go to hospitals and see the number of people we are saving their lives through acting. Stressed people from work eases themselves with our movies. Every actor must be paid by the government.” He told Mona Gucci on the “Link Up” show.