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Fake Pastor And Pregnant Woman Dupe Koforidua Residents

Fake Pastor And Pregnant Woman Dupe Koforidua Residents
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A gang of criminals and fraudsters posing as men of God have infiltrated Koforidua and successfully duped a lot of residents.

The mode of operation of this gang, led by a pastor in his fifties and a pregnant woman is that they obtain valuable information about them.

They track them down, stage a scene where they try to make the victims lower their guard by prophesying to them, then they make away with valuables of the victims.

Many residents of Koforidua have fallen victim to this new wave of criminal activity in the Koforidua.

Thew most recent incident occurred on Thursday, October 2020 Adweso-Achika around 7:00 am when a businesswoman parted with GH¢2,000 and mobile phone to the thieves.

Narrating the unfortunate incident to Emak FM of Koforidua, she said, “This morning I went for health screening while returning around Achika area I met a man who asked for direction to the Latter Day Saints Church which I showed him.

“But he started telling me God has revealed to him that I have some problems and went ahead to give me Bible quotations and asked me to fast and pray with it.

Then he went on to tell me I have money in my bag that which I was surprised because it was true. He told me to go to the house to bring a Bible and salt so he performs some spiritual direction for me. Upon my return, he had crossed to the other side of the road with a pregnant woman standing by him.

“He was making the same revelation about the woman. He told us to buy pure water for the direction which we complied. He told the pregnant woman to hand over her bag to me so he walked around and pray for some minutes without turning back.”

She added that the ‘man of God’ asked her to do some other things which she obeyed.

“When she returned, the fake Prophet told me to also give my bag to the pregnant woman so I also walk around and pray for 10 minutes but I should not turn back.

“To my surprise, when I turned back after the 10 minutes, the two had absconded with my bag which contained about GH¢2,000, my store key, and mobile phone,” she explained.