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Tamale South Needs Fresh Face In Parliament – Poised To Win Upcoming General Election

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The Parliamentary Candidate for the ruling NPP in the Tamale South has stated that his chances of win the seat is very bright because he is always with the people but the incumbent is know where to be found.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the aliveafricanews.com, Hon Yakubu Yusif said the incumbent has never campaign before what he and the NDC does is that they always uses the Dagbon crisis as an excuse to campaign against the NPP, now that the crisis have been resolved he doesn’t think the people will vote for the NDC again in Tamale South.

“It took in a decisive and boldness leader like H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo to resolve the eight years Dangbon crisis” he lamented.

He stated that he is rather post as a threat to the incumbent because they have a history and he is sure the history will repeat itself and so he is optimistic to snatch the seat from Hon Haruna Iddrisu.

The constituency is made up of 186 polling stations, 23 electoral areas voter population about 114,000 and the constituency was ever won by late Mustapha Ali Iddrisu, in 1996.

According to him, when the re-demarcation came Sobojira was separated from Tamale South to add up to Tamale Central.

“Let state that this man has never done anything for the people of Tamale South and even he is nowhere to be found in the constituency” he pointed out.

He mentioned that ever since the MP represent the people of Tamale South not even a single project has been done in the constituency.

Hon Yakubu Yusif said in 2006 the late B.A.C lost the election because of water crisis and Hon Haruna came from nowhere promising the people that when voted for him he is going to make sure water fall from the mountains which make the people voted for him.

After the people voted for him he uses Dangbon crisis as an excuse all this years so now that the issue have been resolved.

Just take away government projects you could see that he is naked so he challenged him to come out and defend what he has done for the people of Tamale South.

He said youth empowerment is a key so it has been one of his priorities, so he said to the constituency that when voted into office to become the next MP he will establish vocational training center to train more youth in the constituency to avoid the issue of kayayei.

This constituency is made up of farming so he will lobby for subsidized flower and fertilizers so that it will boost agriculture in the community seems planting for food and job has come to stay.

In previous years we have something call groups farming so if need to group them so that we can subsidized the fertilizers for them.

“If you’re a minority leader and you don’t empowered the people you claim you represent” he said.

He said sixteen years as MP he has nothing to write of and has never empowered any youth or taking anybody to school.

Hon Yusif mentioned that even doe he is not the MP yet he have been able fixed street light in some communities and paying school fees for some people.

He said just recently he paid 7,500 to support a community to construct boreholes for which he the MP couldn’t do it.

According to him, base on his track record and service to mankind he is optimistic that he is going to win the seat hands down come 7th December polls.


~Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina