Reggy Rockson slams Bukom Banku for bleaching his skin, calls him a g@y gorilla

    Hiplife Grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone is obviously not happy with Ghanaian boxer, Bukom Banku over his decision to bleach his skin.

    Banku has said his reason for bleaching his skin is because when he does so, he gets media attention but once he maintains his normal skin, nobody wants to interview or talk about him in the news. Well, Reggie Rockstone is not buying that porous reason of his.

    In an Instagram post, he slammed Bukom Banku for bleaching his skin. The rapper compared him to a say albino gorrila.

    Without minching words, he wrote: “BRING BACK BUKOM! 😳 MY MAN OUT HERE LOOKING LIKE A GAY ALBINO GORILLA! ( no disrespect) ANYWAY TO EACH DEMA OWN SO NO TROLL! #notagoodlook4africanz #myopinion #bleachingkills #loveself #eyewingz”

    reggie rockstone and bukom banku1