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Video of dogs praying before eating

dogs praying

There’s a viral video on social media of dogs who pray before eating.

In the video, the owner of the dogs set their food and then at a command, the dogs clasped their hands in reverence to a prayer recited by the owner.

At the sound of ‘Amen’, they hungrily descended on the food to eat it.

Watch the video below:

A lot of social media users were impressed with the dogs. One user explained that the reason why the dogs obeyed the command was because they were conditioned to do so.

She wrote: “Conditioning is used a lot to train animals: “if” and “then” ,if you do this then you get this or “no” you don’t!. Conditional psychology is used a lot by parents and by most people,sometimes “ misused, ex., politicians use it lying: If you vote for me … then I give you this!”

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