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SAD: Abigail Rawlings cries uncontrollably as Police block her from paying her last respect to her ‘father’

Police and Military team were reportedly under very strict orders to block Abigail Rawlings from paying her last respect to the man she claims is her father.

Abigail Rawlings could be seen crying uncontrollably and trying to force herself to be allowed entry to file past her “father’s” moral remains for the last time.

In videos, she was seen being prevented from filing past the body of the ex President Jerry John Rawlings by a team of police and military, a move which has been heavily criticised by the public who now sympathise with Abigail.

“What of it is later proven through DNA that she is actually the daughter of Mr. Rawlings? Imagine the pain they would have put her through denying her the chance to pay last respect.”

Some Ghanaians have been raising questions about the truth in the story of Abigail [Rawlings] who was seen by many for the first time at the funeral of former President Jerry John Rawlings claiming the late president was actually her father.

But it appears the public is beginning to sympathize with her .

TheNewsGh.Com reported yesterday that we spoke with some persons mentioned with knowledge about the matter and we have received some clarifications.

Aside Abigail’sresemblance to Mr. Rawlings, she reportedly has a daugher who very much looks like a twin of Zanetor Rawlings.

Some of the family members of Rawlings from the Volta Region who spoke under strict anonymity praised 52-year old Abigail because since the family found her, she had participated in most Agbotui family events and activities at Dzelukope as a recognized daughter of Rawlings but has never made the news. She has been low-key about it. They say she has been un-intrusive and never sought to create scene about it.

They believe her coming out ito the media is a form of grief as a result of lacking a chance to mourn her father properly, although there were things that should have been done before Rawlings died that couldn’t happen which would have saved the situation.


Source: MyNewsGh.com