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Make Money Whiles In School: 5 Ways To Earn Some Few Bucks Whiles Studying

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Money is the root of all evil they say but without money, life can sometimes be meaningless.

Just imagine life as a university student with a not well to do background. The struggling at the point is not easy but you can earn some cool cash whiles doing some part time jobs both on and off campus in order to support yourself as much as you can so you won’t end up doing bad things for money.

Not only will you be earning a supportive money but this will also enhance you in gaining work experience after completion. Let’s go through some few meaningful things one can do as a student in order to earn some income. Especially university students.

Ushering Job

One of the simplest way to earn money on and off campus is an ushering job. Day in, day out, there are programs and events going on. Just look for ushering job poster as a free lancer and you can earn some cool cash at the end. Ushers help with event coordination.

Makeup Artistry

Imagine learning make up artistry on campus and advertising yourself on campus. 1000’s of female students will always be knocking on your door for your service. You can also be doing makeup servicing for weddings and other needed programs and you can be earning more than GHS1000 monthly if you are dedicated. Makeup is mostly ladies job but it’s also interesting to see a guy doing so.

Clothing Line

Selling clothes are other wearing materials can also fetch you some cool cash. It won’t be easy as it needs dedication to build a brand for yourself in order to attract customers but it’s worth it at the end.


Not everyone will understand what was taught during lectures and would want to get further studies so as a brilliant student, why don’t you set up a tutoring class for your mates and those below you so you charge a little fee and earn some cash in teaching them for better understanding. This will also help you to understand the subject and topics you are teaching more better which will also be a plus for yourself.

Become A Writer

Search for blogs online that needs writers. Apply for the job and start writing for online journals and blogs. Payment at the beginning might not be good but as time goes on, you will be getting lucrative offers. Also note that, this type of work demand excess time and dedication.


Doing photography work can also pay. Most events can hire your service both on and off campus if you grow your brand well and it will help you earn some cool cash as well as a name for yourself.

You have more to share? Or any comment, then drop them in the comment box below and let’s interact.