Home News I was only attracted to females growing up – Popular lesbian

I was only attracted to females growing up – Popular lesbian

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A Ghanaian UK-based lesbian, DJ Ice says being a lesbian or gay has nothing to do with spiritual issues as most people, especially Ghanaians perceive.

According to her, although her parents tried to take her to church to seek deliverance, her situation did not change since she was only attracted to females.

Speaking with Ekourba Gyasi Simpremu on Atinka TV’s morning show, DJ Ice also said being gay has nothing to do with hormonal imbalance, saying that it is about choices.

Inasmuch as her parents tried to discourage her from the act, she said she did not listen to them because going for the opposite sex is not what she wants.

Explaining further, she said she does not enjoy sex with the opposite sex neither is she attracted to them.

Although she had sexual advances from men, she said she denied their proposals because she did not like them.

Meanwhile, DJ Ice said she is married to another woman who is pregnant for her.

She said she bought sperms from the sperm bank to get a seed to impregnate the woman.

When asked if she will ever change her mind, she said she is not going to change her mind about marrying the same sex.

“I have accepted who I am. I have been through all that for all these years and I have loved myself,” she added.

For his part, Mr. Frank Doyi, Acting Director of Amnesty International Ghana said the gays have their rights to associate with the same sex as lovers.