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SHS 3 Girl Was Caught Red Handed Making Out With SHS One Boy (+Video)

SHS 3 Girl Was Caught Red Handed Making Out With SHS One Boy (+Video)

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Wonders shall never end. Sometimes you wonder what has Come over these SHS students. SHS 3 girl was caught red handed making out with SHS one boy. We know that for mixed schools, girls mafia girls especially the form ones and boys also mafia boys.

However this wasn’t the same. SHS 3 girl forced form 1 boy to chop her and they were caught in the act. They guy insisted he can’t do anything but the form girl was forcing him. This was how it all happened.

The form one boy asked form 3 girl direction to the dining hall because he wasn’t familiar with the campus and the directions. The SHS out of mafia directed him to the girl’s dormitory.

The SHS boy out of ignorance also went to the girls Dormitory only to find himself in the mix of many female students. The guy didn’t know what to do. As he was standing there, a form 3 girl came to him and asked why he got the courage to come girls dormitory.

She asked the guy that has he come to chopped them. The SHS 3 girl also liked the guy. The SHS 3 girl then took him to some corner and forced the guy to chop her. She removed the short of the guy and sat on him.

They both started making some touching and kissing. The guy was caught making out with girl in the room. He was caught touching the SHS 3 girl body and tried to make some movement. But they were caught red handed by other female students. They dragged the boy out and started shouting on him. They guy started crying and the girls left him.

Check out the video below.

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