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Fix The Country Now & Stop The Deceptive Lifestyle, Or Be Faced With The Biggest Demonstration…

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Press Release:

Fix The Country Now & Stop The Deceptive Lifestyle, Or Be Faced With The Biggest Demonstration This Continent Has Ever Experienced!!- Mr. President & Mr. Vice President

A time has come for the culture of silence to be broken and we are edging everyone to get involve before President Akufo Addo and his vice Bawumia permanently destroy Ghana our beloved mother land for us.

In the history of this country, there is no president and his vice that has been Soo dishonest to the nation like what we are currently experiencing under president Akufo Addo and vice Bawumia.

The citizenry has been Soo supportive to this government than any other government, but what do we get in return!! total hardship and scary atmosphere!!.
Despite the hardship the covid19 has imposed on the citizens of this country, the only thing president Akufo Addo and vice Bawumia could do is to punish us again with introduction of wicked new taxes, increased fuel & cement prices, introduced Telecom taxes, brought back dumsor, that we all used against the Mahama administration for it to be fixed before leaving office, and the introduction of fear and panic which has lead to the culture of silence in Ghana.
Mr. President, you promised to build Ghana like Korea, my question is, are you proud of the Korea you have built?

Is this the Korea you promised us!!
Cement price was around Gh¢20 when you took over power, but now Gh¢50!!.
This year alone, you have increased fuel prices not less than four times, latest of which is from Gh¢5.45 to Gh¢6.13, representing 12.5% increase. Mr. President why!!!!

The Dumsor is currently killing our businesses. Throughout this year, some of us moved from Kumasi to stay around your Constituency in the Eastern region because that’s the only place that Dumsor is not a problem there. The Market women at Kejetia are suffering, coldstore owners everywhere are suffering, business owners are crying, Mr. President why!!!
Our water bodies, cocoa farms and lands under your watch has now become a laughing stock due to increasing activities of illegal mining. You made the most noise about fighting illegal mining but ended up arresting those involved and exchanging them with resources from their country. This claim was confirmed by your senior minister, Hon. Osafo Marfo. Now China after destroying our water bodies,lands and cocoa, with some of your party executives and some of your appointees, are now into large scale cocoa production, cassava & gari production, then the next thing will be us importing drinking water from them. Water not flowing around Tema and other areas are not part of your concern!.

Mr. President, you and your vice told us that it was only a lazy government that borrows and if that’s governance, then everybody can govern. Now what’s happening under your watch!, excessive borrowing.
The corrcuption scandal under your watch has become too much that even earned you the title “MOTHER SERPENT” of corruption from a man you publicly said he is an anti corruption agent and therefore made him the special prosecutor. The stinky Agyapa Royalty deal on our mind.

Mr. President, are you aware you and your vice promised God publicly to build a cathedral for him in your 4 years term!!, which even made you brought down the houses built for judges but at the end we only saw well renovated kyebi cemetery.
Mr. President, are you aware, your vice president, Bawumia snubbed the peace loving national chief imam!!.

Mr. President, are you aware you promised Ghanaians 88 districts hospitals last year, that it would be completed by April 26, 2021, but as we speak, is only Kyebi Asphalted road with gates at both side that we can see! Please where are the 88 hospitals you and Bawumia promised.

Mr. President, are you aware that the economy of Ghana is behaving like a 5 years child who is pregnant and struggling to give birth prematurely!!

Mr. President, as you told the late president, Prof. Atta Mills to fix the economy at the time he took over, same way we the Citizenry are also telling you to “FIX THE ECONOMY NOW”.

If we as citizens, do not put the destiny and future of our beloved mother land in our own hands, if all media houses and online platforms do not join the ordinary Ghanaians, and out of anger speaks to this issues as it is today, the entire Nation will be sold out and we can do or say anything about it.
Ye Di Nkyirima No Abr)
3nti amambu papapaa na y3re bu yi a?
Bisa wo nua na bisa woara nso woho.
Mr. & Mrs NPP and Mr.&Mrs NDC, put away your political lenses and let’s all join this fight before President Akufo Addo and His Vice, Bawumia destroys our beloved motherland for us.
Thank You.

Koriwie Haruna A. M(Sir KHAM)

Dankwa Isaac Mireku
(General Secretary)