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Ghanaian medical student in Cuba dies after he was denied treatment by students’ clinic

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A Ghanaian medical student in Cuba, known as Erasmus Klutse, has passed on after he was refused treatment by the students’ clinic.

He is reported to have passed away on Friday, May 7, 2021 and the colleagues of the deceased in Cuba blamed the Ghanaian High Commission for his death.

Ghanaian medical student in Cuba dies

According to Emmanuel Dwumfour-Poku, the organising secretary and PRO of NUGS (National Union of Ghanaian Students), Cuba, Erasmus was rushed to the school clinic and was refused treatment.

He subsequently needed to be sent outside the campus but the ambulance had no gasoline and there was no funding to help the situation.

It is also indicated that the late Erasmus’ number was blocked by the Ghanaian embassy for constantly asking about his stipend which he had not received for five months.

Giving more clarity on the fate of Ghanaian students in Cuba, the PRO further stated that: “We set our expectations high only to fall short as we were sabotaged by our own government. None of us accounted for the water shortages, the rotten food being served to not only us but also our friends of wiggling kind, and lack of petrol to facilitate transportation which would later cause the loss of our brother.”

He further added: “We have been impeccable, despite the lack of assistance from our embassy during the pandemic, despite the lack of stipends which leave us starving and hungry”

On accessing medical care, he indicated that sometimes, Ghanaians who board the ambulance are asked to get down so that other nationals use it but the Ghanaian embassy has never done anything about it.