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Honestly speaking, as much as galamsey is wrecking our nation, thus destroying and depleting our natural vegetative cover, polluting of various Water bodies that serves both commercial and domestic purposes, degrading hectares of fertile lands that could support our agrarian vision, destruction of cash crops like cocoa, shea, timber, cashew and coffee trees that fetches the country revenue and foreign exchange, killing and driving to extinction several aquatic animals and valuable biodiversity etc etc.

I still maintain that the burning of excavators is wrong and should be condemned. There are several ways to kill a cat and the bestway is definitely not stoning it to death!!

The cost of excavators is enormous to just waste it off like that. An excavator that is medium sized and weighs about 80,000lbs cost about $230,000 to $270,000, that is around 1.6million Ghana cedis or 16billion old currency.

That is some huge capital investment right there and burning them to the ground just like that is a cause for worry don’t you think so🤷‍♂🤔.
So far about 40 of such excavators have been destroyed. Now do your maths 16billionx40 and you would realize we need to restructure, re-plan and re-strategize this great course!!


*️⃣Why don’t we seize these machines/equipments and hand it over to the military. Who in turn, paint these machines in their camouflage color for developmental projects? Look at how the 48regiment engineer and planning department of the Military built the National infectious and Disease centre within a short period of time. This we all know could have taken years to build and even cost us more if it was contracted to some private contractors. So why not support the Regiments effort with these excavators???

*️⃣Also, how about fining the perpetrators? a hefty sum or fine can be slapped to these perpetrators in case they are caught in action. A huge fine that would serve as a deterrent can be issued in addition to the seizure of the excavators. These fines’ can be used or channelled to solve some environmental issues created by these galamseyers!!

*️⃣Lastly, The seized excavators can be given unique tags or numbers for easy identification if we really don’t trust the handlers due to what happened earlier on. Don’t forget we would need these same excavators to dredge the polluted river bodies of filth, mud and debris that has been deposited in these river bodies due to the galamsey activities over the years.

I know someone will argue that when reformations and repatriations are done after war, all arms are collected and burnt before everybody’s eyes and not handed to the army even though it’s useful to them.
Aslo illegal goods and narcotics are all destroyed or burnt when apprehended even though it’s useful to the nation in various forms.

Yes agreed but, the above cannot be correlated with the current happenings. Thankyou🤝

NB: Someone tell the Government/Ministry that about 200 seized excavators packed at the Medina Aviation park is wasting off and should be utilized for the greater good🙏

Contact: 0546750222 for more details🙏

A member of speak your mind movement.