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VIDEO: I Can Come To USA And One Of Us Will Die; Another Muslim Warns Twene Jonas Over Prophet Mohammed

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Twene Jonas has really irked Ghanaian Muslims with his comments about Prophet Mohammed.

The comment “What has that Mohammed done for you in Ghana” has not been taken lightly by Ghanaian Muslims both home and abroad.

A Ghanaian Muslim based in Europe has threatened Twene Jonas not to involve Prophet Mohammed and the Islam religion in his routine insults.


The guy said “somebody should advise the Twene Jonas guy to be careful. Because he has a large followings, he thinks he can say anything and go Scot free.”

He then threatened Twene Jonas that if he doesn’t heed to the warning, he don’t find flying to America to deal with him.

“I can die for my prophet and if I come to America one of us will die. This is a warning and should it happen again, you shall see.”