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IF Ghana donates to students at Ada Alorkpem



Infinity Foundation Ghana on 5th of June donated to students of Alorkpem School, pads among other items under their Period’verty campaign.

The target of Period’verty campaign is to raise 2000 pads to donate to deprived schools and Communities every month, ensuring that young girls will not have to miss school during the period of their menses.

This Month’s donation saw the IF Ghana team visiting students of Alorkpem KG, Primary and JHS to educate the girl Child on menstrual hygiene as well as donate to the these students.

The boys of the said school were involved in the education as they were taught about caring for a girl in her menses and advised not to stigmatise them since menstruation is a natural part of womanhood.

The IF Ghana used this platform to apply to corporate bodies, organizations and Individuals to support the course by donating in cash or pads to help in this project.

Want to help out or enquire? Kindly contact Infinityfoundationgh@gmail.com or call 0553089585/0556203535/0574508083, for more details.