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“The system is hard, try to drink at least one shot to release stress” – Ghana Drunkards Association urges Ghanaians [Details]

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The Ghana Drunkards Association is urging Ghanaians to make a point to take at least one shot of alcohol to deal with stress and to mark June 11, as the National Drinking Day.

According to the Association’s President, Moses Onyah, drinking alcohol actually helps many escape life’s downsides, including depression, stress, and other complexities.

Although he preached responsible drinking, Mr Onyah said the National Drinking Day will promote mental health, responsible drinking and the reason for people to drink to tackle life challenges.

“Ladies and Gentlemen as part measures to ease tension, frustration depression, stress amongst others. We the drunkards Association of Ghana will like Friday, June 11, to be recognized as a National Drinking Day.”

‘In order to release our members from hardship, frustration and depression. We believe that measures taken by the association to ignite members to drink responsibly in order to release all these stress and hardships in the system will also help reduce mental problems in the country.”

“Even if you are not a drunkard please do as much as possible to take one shot and be careful, drink responsibly. It doesn’t matter the kind of drink, whether it’s coke, beer or any of the bitters,” he added.