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Pastor Caught Ch0pping Choir Leader In Washroom [WATCH]

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In this world we live had become a world full of crises notorious attitudes. Each and every blessed day there is a fresh news recorded from different corridors of the earth. Yesterday, pictures of God popularly known as Apostle Aboti, popped up allegedly accused of having an affair with his own church member who happens to be the leader in his choir.

The Apostle is known to be a ‘powerful man of God’ who recordered healing and various miracles in his church. His church is located in a village in the central region.  Check out the video… CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO NOW

However, many suspects him of having affair with different ladies in that locality and his own church members as well. Yet many so did not believe those claims from the public thinking that it is just a plan to bring him down.

This time, things didn’t work out well for the man of God. As the saying goes: “Everyday for the thief, one day for the master”. Unfortunately, he was caught in the church’s washroom sleeping with the choir leader.

They young guy who went to church to do a few chores as his routine was, stumbled upon the incidence and tried taking pictures. As he heard the sound from afar, he drew closer not knowing it was his own man of God.

Let’s all be on guard. If man is unable to see you don’t think God is blind! Your time will come and all evil act will come to an end.