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Looking at how desperate some people want to make money by hook or crock, damn the consequences involved, then the banks security intelligence must beef up their security to meet the challenge.

Extraordinary situations calls for extraordinary measures. There have been incessant attacks on the banks by armed robbers, which have been occurred in a broad daylight with some engages the police in an open fire.

This year, there have been countless of attacks by robbers on the banks and a forex bureau in Accra, Kumasi and Sefwi, including bullion van attacks.

The recent gruesome robbing case by some unknown robbers attacked and robbed a bullion Nissan van with the registration number GT 8592, and shot dead the police officer, Constable Emmanuel Osei and a woman believe to be hiding in a wooden structure with a strain bullet .

The unfortunate incident that led the death of the police officer and an unknown woman, with the driver injured, that occurred in the middle of adedenko metal market at Accra, has become a national issue most Ghanaians are talking about it.

Per a little research on the cost of a sophisticated bullion van worth $300.000, and it is about time the banks joined hands to purchase a modernize bullion van that have all the security protections of safeguarding their monies, whenever they are being transported.

With the high risks and consequences involved when a bullion van is successfully attacked by assailants and bolts away with huge sums of monies calls for more investment into purchasing bulletproof and sophisticated bullion vans.

The society today is polarized and infiltrated with foreign culture which has no bearing to our tradition making everyone thinking of how to make quick money rather than working hard to earn money. Money doubling and ritual money were flooded on most of the television stations with impunity. Unfortunately these activities were received with hypocrisy and mediocrity by Ghanaians were allowed to be aired on national televisions with only the money doubling that has been taken off, remaining the others.

On the other hand, the country’s security apparatus must also step up their modus operandi when it comes to internal security. With the recent security threats by insurgents and terrorists in the sub region, security must not underestimate any intelligence that comes their way. The internal security must adapt both proactive and reactive approach with the former been the most concentrated.

It’s estimated, that about 1.2 million unlicensed arms are in the hands of the civilians and were infiltrated from neighbouring countries. Border patrols and helicopters with gunship must be used to deterring crimes coupled with security drones. The National Security, National Investigation Bureau, Criminal Investigation Department and the Military Intelligence, must work together of being a step ahead of perpetrators of crimes.

The area at which the recent bullion van was attacked happens to be a no go area for crime of this nature and for these unknown gunmen to have completed it operations within 3 minutes, calls for equipping the police and the internal such as provisions of helicopter with gunship for air patrols coupled with grounds patrols bulletproof vehicles, vests, helmets etal, to codify the criminal activities and their hideouts. The gunmen were alleged to have spoken an unknown Ghanaian language and with the recent possible threats by terrorists in the northern part of the country following intelligence report intercepted, must not be underestimated by the country’s security.

There should also be a policy by the National Security to have a special agencies that will investigate the activities of both police investigators and the National Investigation Bureau who have special friendly relations with the criminals by leaking intelligence to them to round them up.

Apart from armed robbery attacks on financial sector, there have also been robbery attacks, that involved killings of civilians and in some cases attributing to heinous crimes to suicides.

The inspector general of police (IGP)Jame Oppong Boadu has hinted to withdrawn the services of the police from the banks by the end of this month, if the banks failed to make provisions of sophisticated bulletproof bullion vans escort. He call may be a good call but the timing could be wrong with regard to the banks financial muscles, and will be very suicidal if that ultimatum is not met by the banks. On this score, I will appeal to government to procure this sophisticated bullion vans to the police to be used to rent to the banks.

Money is legal tender strictly accept for payment of goods and services and it failure to be in circulation will bring an abrupt discomfort for the economy to thrives.

The police management through the police council must lobby for the government to make provisions of bulletproof bullion vans to rent it to the banks than to act on the inspector General police (IGP) Jame Oppong Boanuh’s ultimatum to withdrawn it services in a month if the banks failed to heed to it.

As I sympathized with the slain police officer, it’s also appropriate to correct the security lapses to avert it future occurrences. It’s not appropriate to assigned a young officer with less than two years experience to a very high risk duty. In the incident that occurred, the said route of the bullion van should be interrogated. Was the officer on red alert, observing from upfront and behind with regard to movement activities of any sense of tailings? The police service must set up investigations into such lacunae to train the SWAT unit personnel in order to be a step ahead of the criminals. Security attaché must insist on safer routes from the drivers who have no security training.

I therefore called a multifaceted and by partisan approach of solving security issues and urge the general public to alert the police of suspected individuals and activities within our communities for action. Together we can have a peaceful society. God bless as all.