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Watch Out!!! Here Is Why We Are Attracted To Married Men: Single Ladies Speak Candidly

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Single women have opened up on why they are attracted to married men. The women spoke candidly on some of the reasons which make them willing to be small houses.

The issue of side chicks, small houses and to some extent polygamy is one of the most contentious issues affecting marriages.

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In a bid to understand why sometimes this happens, Zimbabwe social media personality and cyber-aunt Tete Fadzie asked single women in Zimbabwe to speak candidly on some of the things which make them willing to be “the other woman.”

Tete Fadzie wrote,

Why are some women attracted to married men? To those who attracted to married men, you can share your reasons anonymously via the link below.

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The question received a lot of engagement from women who were very keen to justify themselves. The responses were varied and in some cases complex and cringeworthy.

Here are some of the more interesting and unusual responses.

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When I was in Uni I used to date married men. For the money. Havatete kubuditsa mari for anything. I am married now and I started on a clean sheet changed numbers and blocked everyone but sometimes I honestly miss the money.

With married men unee uchitoziva what you’re getting yourself into ava havakupe maheartbreak unlike these single guys haaa unokwara mugame vanhu vanonyeba havo ivavo

Here Is Why We Are Attracted To Married Men: Zimbabwe Single Ladies Speak Candidly

Personally its nothing to do with his status but just him. When he proposed I wasn’t ready. We’ve dated on and off because being with him just makes sense. It’s uncomplicated, he is kind, the sex is perfect he gets me. Ofcoz I feel guilty but when we are together it’s just us and its perfect. We’ve been together on and off for more than 12 years now. never dated any other married man except him.

You know these married men sometimes dont tell us kuti they’re married and you invest your feelings then it becomes difficult to let go like on my part i didn’t know he was married he told me he wasn’t but he had a kid fell in love with the guy and later realised he had a whole wife i tried to break off the relationship but everytime he would call me telling me he wanted to see me i would go it was difficult to break up with him. I was deeply in love with him.