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‘Your Marriage Will Crash If You Don’t Have Sex Before Marriage’ – Bro Sammy

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Ghanaian gospel musician Brother Sammy claims most marriages that haven’t experienced ‘sex before marriage’ will crash midway.

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He said couples who refuse to practice ‘sex before marriage’ face challenges and have no peace in their homes because they failed to get to know their partners well through sex.

According to the Kumerican ‘King of Worship,’ it’s always best to allow partners to have sex before marriage because people have preferences when it comes to sex.

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““I do not condone casual sex but if you do not have sex before marriage to know your partner well, the marriage will crash along the way,” he said. “This topic is difficult to discuss due to hypocrisy on the part of my fellow Christians.”

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He said men and women have their choice of sex organs and that people will make wrong choices if they are not allowed to have sex with their future lifelong partners before settling down

“In this era, men and women have their preferences when it comes to sex. Some women prefer long penis, others short or heavy. How would you know that the man is your type if you haven’t slept with him to know?” he quizzed.

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He continued: “When you marry someone that is not your type, there will not be peace in your marriage. Men also have their preferences. We have seven types of vaginas, every man has his preference. How will they know if she is your type?”

Bro Sammy also touched on vagina odour, which is one of the most sensitive topics when it comes to sex education and discussions. He claimed that some men like vaginas that have odours so it’s fine when women experience this.

“There are some vaginas that have natural odours. Some women go to church to pray due to their vagina odour. It’s wrong. They should rather ray for men that love such vaginas,” he concluded.

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