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The Pru District office of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) has organised a stakeholders engagement to inaugurate a co-payment task force to address the issues relating to co-payment practices engaged by the Healthcare Facilities in the District.
The District Manager Mr Ahmed Tamimu, in his address, reminded all stakeholders including the Healthcare Facilities that the main objective of introducing the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) as a social intervention policy is to ensure the attainment of universal health coverage of financial risk protection against the cost of quality basic healthcare for all residents in Ghana following the passage of the ACT 2003 (650) which was repealed and replaced by a new law (ACT 852) in 2012. This objective has remained the same and we are on course in achieving it, he added.

The NHIS covers and pays for the cost of medicines and services in its benefits package provided by all of its credentialed Healthcare Facilities in Ghana.

Mr Ahmed Tamimu however, indicated that it has come to the notice of the management that, in recent times, Healthcare Facilities throughout the country are engaged in one form of co-payment practices or the other where members of the scheme are asked to pay for some of the cost of medical care at the point of receiving healthcare services. Members pay for either cost of medicines or services or both at the time of receiving healthcare which are already covered under the scheme.

The NHIS upon receiving complaints from its members, reminds the healthcare facilities to be guided by the NHIS tariff operational manual and reiterates to them that the practice is contrary to section 24(1) of NHIS ACT 852, 2012 that states ” Each Healthcare Provider under the Scheme shall comply with the medicines list and medicines tariff and service list and tariff.

The practices are defeating the purpose of introducing the NHIS, thus the reintoduction of cash and carry system back in the country’s healthcare system if not addressed.

In view of this, the District Manager of Pru District office of NHIA Mr. Ahmed Tamimu and his office have set up a task force to work hand in hand with members of the scheme and the healthcare providers to resolve the issues of co-payment practices.

Mr Ahmed Tamimu added that when a member of the NHIS pays for any service charge at the time of receiving healthcare at any credentialed Healthcare Facility, he/she should request for receipt of payment to help the task force to follow up and to carry out their investigations very easy; even if no receipt is obtained from the healthcare facility, the affected member can still report to the task force to take up the complaint for amicable resolution.

He concluded that the task force is not on fault finding mission or mission to fight the healthcare facilities, but to dialogue with them for fruitful resolution of any compliant reported by the stakeholders.

Call: Mr. Ahmed Tamimu
(Manager-Pru District NHIA)

Producer, Orkema Fm-Yeji