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“My Wife Planned To Kill Me After I Gave Her Access To My  Bank Account” – Dejected  Man Discloses

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Nigerian man identified as Emmydon, narrates how his wife poisoned his food after he gave her access to his business account of over 19 Million (Ghc 276,125.88)

According to him, His wife poisoned his food, withdrew his money and thinking he is dead

Narrating his story, He wrote:

Hi folks, My Name is Emmydon, (Not real Name) I am writing this piece to Educate and not to entertain, I believe millions of people could learn from my mistakes.

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Lots of men are dying everyday just because they are married and love their wife, put all trust in her; yes if you are lucky, Glory be to God.”“First and foremost, I am a Business man, I import goods from China. I am from Enugu but married to Abia woman, before I married her a friend told me women from that side (I will not mention the Area) normally kill their Husband, but I insisted and married her.”

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” I love my wife so much; she is so pretty and we have 2 children (a boy and a girl) living together happily.”

““Last year, I borrowed about 9 Million from my Bank to import goods (Electronic) from china but due to the risk of travelling with money, I gave my wife access  to the account so she can change the money to USD and send it to me once I get to china.”

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““After I imported the goods, I made about 22 Million Naira profit and was looking forward to importing more with the money, I gave my wife 1 Million Naira for shopping and 500k for her upcoming birthday celebration.”

““2 days after I scheduled my flight, I got a dream where my wife killed our baby, it was so real and I started feeling bad. I quickly called my Mom and informed her about the dream and she asked me to come over to the village and we visited a seer.”

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The Seer said that my wife is planning something bad for me, that I should be very careful with her, but I was not convinced because I love this woman so much, she respects me and we have never had any issue ever since I married her. When I got home, I did Midnight prayer, fasted the next day.”

When I was fasting my wife prepared a very delicious meal, Bitter Leaf soup with snail and goat meat, served it on the Dining and left for church fellowship.”

“After I broke my fast, I checked the food and it was already cold so I decided to serve it to JACK, my dog because my wife didn’t feed it before she left, after serving the food to my dog, I went to the kitchen and dished another for myself.”

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“At exactly 2:10pm, My Dog started vomiting blood and died instantly, I was shocked, shaking, so I quickly called my Mom and she told me the food might have been poisoned by my wife.”

“After I dropped my Mom’s call, my wife called me but I was so annoyed and refused to pick,……