All You Need To Know About Atwea Mountains: Where Tourism And Religion Meets

    Atwea Mountain, located in Atwea in the Sekyere Central District of the Ashanti region is undoubtedly one of the most famous mountains in Ghana, probably second only to the renowned Mount Afadja in the Volta region.

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    But what makes Atwea Mountain so famous? Unlike most mountainous landscapes which are famous for their attraction of tourists, the Atwea mountain is a unique mountain, famous for its attraction of Christian pilgrims, who visit the township of Atwea occasionally in a bid to climb to the summit of the mountain where they hold prayers and conventions.

    This tradition according to the history books began so many decades ago when one local Methodist pastor in Atwea called Abraham Osei-Assibey ascended the Atwea Bour (Atwea Stone) to go and pray to the Lord.

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    After spending a few days up on the mountain praying to the Lord, he return to the town and regularly took his fellowship to the mountain top to go and pray with him. This event changed Atwea forever and marked the beginning of the rewriting of the history of the Atwea Township.

    The mountain since then has becoming the most important converging place for Christians all over Ghana; a place where church members go to occasionally especially during Easter periods to have hold special prayer events or conventions.

    Even though the mountain is very step and tall, this has not prevented Christian groups from visiting the town of Atwea and climbing the mountain to spend a few days praying and hold special meetings. Is it estimated that it takes an average of one hour to climb and get to the summit of the mountain where tents, are erected for visiting groups.

    While the Atwea Mountain is known for its Christian pilgrimage and religious activities, tourists are not barred from visiting and climbing the famous mountain. In fact Christians who annually make the trip to the mountain, do not only go there with intent to fast and pray, but also to satisfy their curiosity and witness for themselves all that they have heard about the mountain, bringing religion and tourism into unison.

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    Atwea Mountains: Where tourism meets religion